Attention: Marketing Agency Owners!

Is Keeping Track of all 398+ Steps of Fulfilling a Successful Campaign Driving You INSANE?


Streamline your success using the campaign fulfillment blueprint that will help you launch your funnel and ads faster while giving your client a 5-star onboarding experience that works right the first time!

Agency Funnel Flows
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Dynamically Updated

You’ve got an amazing idea for a client offer and you know you need ads and a sales funnel to get it launched…

But you’re losing sleep over where to start and worried you’ll miss a critical step.

The plain truth is that building and fulfilling a client campaign is complicated...

  • You've got to get everything done in a matter of hours and your going back and forth from software to software...not understanding what you just did or what needs to be done next
  • One wrong tech move can end up costing you or your clients thousands of dollars...
  • Managing a new client buildout feels like chaos because so many moving parts and automations are dependent on each other 
  • And if you’re trying to fulfill more than one client at the same time…it seems like it’s next to impossible to untangle​ who’s working on what and where everyone is at

Think Hiring a VA will solve your problem?

It seems like a good idea until you figure out they aren't a 
1. Project manager...
2.  You are having to micro-manage them...
3. They are messing up on something
every couple minutes...

Everyone is telling you to take Take Action, Fail Forward, and Figure It Out As You Go...

But you just can't help but think to yourself...Why not build the perfect system from the start?


If you're tired of spending way to much time trying to figure out the RIGHT WAY to launch a client's campaign...

Or way to stressed trying to manage your VA and keep yourself on track without making critical mistakes that costs your agency time and money...

You can now STOP Worrying!

We have your solution


The Campaign Fulfillment Blueprint That Will Help You Launch Your Funnel and Ads FASTER While Giving Your Client a 5-Star Onboarding Experience That Works Right The First Time!

  • Keep yourself and your team organized...
  • ​Nail Down your offer...
  • Understand your complete fulfillment system...
  • Track your daily operations so EVERYTHING is completed in the order they should be 
  • Be able to see a comprehensive pre-launch checklist of everything that was done
  • ​STOP Guessing on what to do next

What's Included?

Project Workflow

See what should be first, then what after, and so on. STOP getting lost in what needs to be done next

All the phases of a successful launch


Guidelines and Frameworks

Nail down the concept of the whole process so everyone has the knowledge and deeper understanding of the project they are working on

All Fulfillment Tasks

Get a checklist for EVERYTHING so it's an easy, duplicatable process to hand off to a team member

Pre-Launch Checklist

Rest assured everything is completed, including setup, tech items, etc. to it's entirety so no mistakes happen

Copy / Paste Systems

Feel confident your giving your VA solid, foundational instructions on how to complete a job well done


If Agency Funnel Flow™ doesn't show you exactly how to keep track of all the steps of fulfilling a client campaign while producing higher quality will receive a full refund
No. Questions. Asked.

What You Get

3 highly effective AGENCY FUNNEL FLOWS

  • Onboarding Funnel Flows ($37 Regular Price)
  • Funnels Creation Flows ($37 Regular Price)
  • Facebook Ads Funnel Flows ($37 Regular Price)

All Agency Funnel Flows Are Created in Trello


  • Printable PDF of all Funnel Flows
  • 7-Figure Local Business Ad Copy Formula + Templates + Video Walkthrough w/ "The COPY KING" Josh Alger

All FAQ's

  • What exactly is Agency Funnel Flows™?

Agency Funnel Flows is a organized productivity tool, developed by 7-Figure Agency Owners, that helps Agency Owners have a STEP BY STEP checklist that ensures they are following the correct steps to a successful campaign launch ensuring you never miss a critical step that could cost you or your client thousands of dollars.

  • How is Agency Funnel Flows™ delivered to me?

Agency Funnel Flows is currently built out in Trello, which can be used with their FREE account membership. NO PAID ACCOUNT REQUIRED. Sign up for a FREE account here:

  • Who is Agency Funnel Flows™ for?

Agency Funnel Flows is for any Marketing Agency Owner just starting out, already have a couple of clients, or agencies looking to scale to 6 and 7 figures. Agency Funnel Flows takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done from new client to successful launch and packages it up in easy to digest Checklists.

  • Can I modify the boards?

Yes! You can and you should! We actually encourage you to add to it so you have the exact steps you need to develop your own unique system for any of your team members to follow.

Disclaimer: Digital Marketing AF Inc does not guarantee success and we can not guarantee you will be successful making any type of monumental value. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to have a profitable marketing agency. This product and any product Digital Marketing AF Inc has is intended to help you improve already had results and not generate new results.
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